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There are a handful of cars that are ideal for drifting. The thing you want to look for in a drift car is the front to back weight ratio and rear-wheel drive. Yes, horsepower is nice, but you want to have a pretty evenly balanced car from front to back. The first drift car I will mention is an excellent example of this. The AE86 Levin/Trueno, also known as Hachi-Roku, is ideal for drifting because weight is evenly distributed, rear-wheel drive, and it's pretty inexpensive to acquire as well. Not a lot of horsepower can be extracted from the AE86, but it excels in every other way, which is why this is one of the more, if not the most popular of all drift cars. Then you have your Silvia, S13, S14, S15, 180SX or whatever you want to call this SR20DET powered monster. You have your RWD, nicely balanced drift car with plenty of horsepower that can be easily extracted. And finally, the FC3S, FD3S or the RX-7. You got a RWD, well-balanced, light-weight drift car that is personally my favorite, although I think it falls below the first two because of it's unreliability, expensive parts and maintenance. There are a few others that are good for drifting, the Skyline is definitely an honorable mention with its insane RB26DET, but I think the top 3 were the first cars mentioned.

There are a couple venues that are ideal for drifting and this first one is probably where it all began. The Japanese enjoyed the mountain side or Tohge for their sessions. Although we don't condone any unsafe driving or wreckless driving on public streets or highways, this type of location is actually optimal for it's many turns. And of course there was usually not much traffic up there. The second location and a much safer environment is of course, the tracks and circuits. These are usually not free and not available at anytime, but it is a common location where many drifting enthusiasts can go and participate and be safe. An honorable mention would be your local parking lot after hours. Free, close by and open 7 days a week. HaHa!! Be Safe!!

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