P2M Energy Halo 2013-2015 Scion FR-S

P2M Energy Halo 2013-2015 Scion FR-S


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The P2M Energy Halo (U.S Patent Pending M423740) is a revolutionary air lifting device insert for throttle body that was designed to facilitate air going into your automotive engine. Made from billet T6 aluminum CNC manufacturing process.

When throttle body is open, air is force drawn into engine combustion chamber. Air normally travels along the path of the wall of the intake path, force entering the throttle body into the intake manifold and finally enters the combustion chamber. In normally aspirated application, this process isn't always as smooth as it can be where air is fighting each other creating a restriction in itself. For turbocharged application the positive boost pressure can also be somewhat restricted when air is entering the throttle body.

The Energy Halo helps to smooth out the air velocity entering the throttle body with the air volume your engine is already producing. The outcome is an increased in throttle response, torque and hp (in some cases also increases your MPG as well). By smoothing out the air entering the throttle body will also increase the air velocity speed at which air travels into your engine (in result increased in throttle response).

In addition, the air entering the Energy Halo will produce a Vortex swirl effect (by the CNC'ed inner lining) which will help to mix the air / fuel mixture more efficiently in creating a cleaner burn in the combustion (increase in MPG) while making power at the same time (Green Concept Product).

P2M Energy Halo on Dynapack and Dynojet:

1st Dyno Graph (Car equipped with full straight through exhaust, header, intake manifold spacer and chipped ECU)

- Gained maximum +7-8rwhp @ 5300rpm
- Gained maximum +4 ft lbs torque @ 4800rpm
- Consistent HP and Torque gain throughout the entire RPM range.
- Due to the chipped ECU the VTEC engagement point was engaged earlier than stock and was picked up as a "loop" on Dynapack axle dyno. However the over lapped dyno graphs still showed a comparable difference in the before and after the Energy Halo ring install.

2nd Dyno Graph (Car equipped with catback exhaust) dynoed on Dynojet:

- Gained maximum of peak +5rwhp
- Gained maximum of peak +3 ft lbs of torque
- Consistent HP and Torque gain throughout the entire RPM range

3rd Dyno Graph (Car equipped with Greddy Turbo Kit) on Dynapack:

- Gained maximum peak +5rwhp
- Gained up to +5ft lbs of torque from 3300rpm-4500rpm and 5500rpm to redline
- Consistent HP and Torque gain througout the entire RPM range

Year Make Model Trim
2013 - 2015 Scion FR-S All
2013 - 2015 Subaru BRZ All

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